This post may come as a shock to you, but I am a vegetarian about to write about a barbecue restaurant and (spoiler alert) how good it was! I grew up in the Carolinas and have lived in Nashville for the past four years, so I have been in optimal bbq territory for years now, but unable to eat it due to my vegetarianism and to be honest, lack of interest. But when my friend (shoutout Caroline!) told me and my roommates that Edley’s has amazing margs and an even better salad, we immediately made plans to go. It is probably the most well known barbecue joints in Nashville so I was excited to finally give it a try.  Getting a salad at a barbecue place sounds ridiculous and sooo vegetarian of me and I am very aware of this, but keep reading to hear about how great it was.


Based on Caroline’s suggestion and the lack of vegetarian options at a barbecue restaurant, I ordered the BBQ Avocado Plate. This is a bed of greens topped with an entire avocado, pico de gallo, bean salad, cucumbers, red and green onions, and their red and white BBQ Sauce. There is also bacon and a choice to add a protein, but I chose not to have either and asked for extra bean salad instead. The serving seemed a bit small at first, but once I dug in I realized just how much food was actually on the plate. The entire avocado and bean salad made the salad really filling and all of the added topping plus their BBQ sauce made it really tasty. I split a basket of fries with a friend because a salad and fries is the perfect balanced meal. They were not your average side of fries that  were clearly an afterthought, but instead perfectly crispy and tossed in salt, pepper, and their subtle yet delicious barbecue rub.

The other people I went with ordered a shredded chicken plate and the chicken sandwich and both were raving about the chicken. With the plate you can pick from their extensive list of sides. She got the potato salad and coleslaw and was obsessed with both.


Edley’s has a handful of locations across Nashville including 12 South, East Nashville, and Donelson, but we visited the Sylvan park location. Sylvan park is one of, if not, my favorite Nashville neighborhoods. There is a a little strip of restaurants and a few local shops surrounding the iconic park McCabe and Edley’s falls right on the edge of the park. They have a huge outdoor patio and and even bigger inside dining room with windows that opens up to create a very open feeling. We sat on the outside porch that is covered in string lights and overlooked the park. The inside look like a typical barbecue restaurant with lots of wooden things and a red barn feel to the walls. It reminds me a lot of the barbecue restaurant I went to at home growing up which made me automatically love it and feel at home.


This is an order at the counter and wait at the table kind of restaurant which usually means that service is pretty standard, but Edley’s managed to standout. The food came out very fast and they accidentally put bacon on my salad and quickly and kindly fixed it. We asked for lots of extra pickles because they looked delicious (and they were) and a waiter happily brought us some. One of the other waiters overheard us talking about Jane The Virgin and it was honestly a bonding moment for us all.


💋 Me: BBQ Avocado plate and fries

💋 Eden: Shredded Chicken Plate and coleslaw side

💋Caroline: Margarita