Remember in my Bartaco blog post when I talked about restaurants that just had the perfect vibe the first time I went and how I always strive to recreate it every time I go back after? The pharmacy is the prototype for this and after reading this post you will understand why.

After being told to go to the pharmacy for years since welcome week of my freshman year, I finally went for the first time last spring and suddenly all the hype made sense. Me and two of my friends were sat out back in their magical garden at a picnic table and had the most perfect night. Our waiter was perfect in every sense of the word, we watched the sunset from the patio, the food absolutely blew us away, and then we went home and made Sweet Lorens vegan cookies and fell asleep in a food coma. Sound perfect right? Well these amazing vibes mixed with the most delicious meal paired together to make me fall in love and go back many times since that day.


As a burger restaurant, Pharmacy has a pretty good amount of vegan and vegetarian options. They have an impossible burger, but I always opt for the house made black bean patty and add whatever toppings I’m feeling at the time. Usually I do lettuce, grilled onions, pico, and their delicious chipotle avocado aioli. There is nothing like a homemade black bean burger and lots of places are replacing them for thing like beyond or impossible patties, but I’m glad Pharmacy has multiple options for any mood. The hardest decision when dining here is what side to get because they have regular fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots, coleslaw, and a few different types of salads. I have tried all of the fries/tater tots and they are fantastic and definitely would recommend trying one of those on your visit.

One of my friends always gets the falafel burger, another veggie option that comes with goat cheese, a yogurt sauce, tomato, and onion and is in love with this one! I tried a bite of the patty once and can vouch for how good it was.

No one I have ever gone to Pharmacy with has had anything bad to say about the food so its safe to say you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here. The only issue arrises if have an allergy because a friend has been advised wrong by a staff member over the phone and then showed up to the restaurant and couldn’t eat anything because they fry in peanut oil. If they could get their information together on allergies then they would be completely perfect.

The Pharmacy veggie burger, fires, sweet potato fries, and tater tot photos


When you walk into The Pharmacy it is quite dark and looks like a stereotypical burger joint, but the star of the show (and only place I sit when I go) is their back patio. It is a huge garden type backyard that has multiple levels and each section of picnic table is separated by bushes to create sections. The patio is surrounded by a wooden fence and covered with string lights and on a nice day is the definition of perfection. Since Pharmacy is also a beer garden, there is an outdoor and indoor bar and while I’ve only had a cider there, it was a great one!

Pharmacy Burger interior and outside


I briefly mentioned our amazing waiter from my first time at the pharmacy and while he was great, the waitstaff in general tends to just be very pleasant and go above and beyond to make sure every need is met. They are always quick to take your order, keep an eye out if you need anything, and are just nice people in general. Last time I went, it was the day after a Nashville tornado and the power unexpectedly went out right at the end of our meal. Even though it was a bit chaotic, our waitress handled it like a champ and was really funny through out the whole night.

On a nice day, especially on the weekend, there is bound to be a wait at The Pharmacy. Every once in a while the wait seems daunting, but from my experience the wait is a little shorter than they expect or right on the dot.


💋Black Bean Burger


💋Tater Tots

💋Blackberry Cider