Another Charleston restaurant that is an absolute staple for me when at home is Huriyali. Huriyali is a health conscious that serves locally sourced organic ingredients in a plethora of ways including sandwiches, burritos, bowls, salads, and smoothies. When acai bowls became the biggest food trend back in like 2016, Huriyali was one of the places in Charleston that lots of people went to, but I actually didn’t go for the first time till right before leaving for college in 2019. Their acai bowls are unique and what a lot of people come for, but personally the reason I keep coming back to Huriyali is the savory foods.


Huriyali offers a handful of options that could fulfill any craving you can imagine. If you are craving something sweet and light, I would recommend an acai bowl, It has been years since ordering one, but my favorite is the Chocolate Acai bowl which is topped with seasonal fruit, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, a house-made chocolate drizzle, and peanut butter raw bars.

If you are like me and craving something savory, I would (and almost always do) order the all day burrito. It is roasted potatoes, black beans, guacamole,. roasted salsa, vegan chipotle aioli, cilantro, and your choice of a protein. The proteins include eggs and turkey bacon, turkey chorizo, lentil chorizo, or my favorite – chickpea and tempeh. Based on what you pick as your protein, the burrito can be a breakfast or lunch vibe, but like the name implies it can be eaten all day. The burrito is served with a small side of tortilla chips and an orange slice. If you are someone who craves spice in every meal, make sure to ask for a side of hot sauce to top it off 😉

Another amazing thing on their menu is the breakfast sandwich with the vegan chipotle aioli, avocado,. greens, tomato and choice of protein. You could do eggs, turkey bacon, and cheddar cheese or their vegan option of chickpea, tempeh, and vegan cheese. I haven’t ordered this one in a while but it is amazing and staple at Huriyali.

If you are looking for a drink while visiting, don’t worry they have a full coffee and tea menu along with a fridge full of yummy drinks including my favorite local kombucha, Dalai Sofia. I have also ordered an iced matcha latte with oat milk. They offer other sweeteners and syrups, but by default sweeten with honey so it is on the earthier side, but I really like it!

There are so many other things on their menu that I want to try especially since almost everything on the menu is vegan or can be made vegan, but after seeing all their amazing food in the restaurant, I think next on my list is the Avo toast, Buddha bowl, and Bahn Mi.


Huriyali has recently expanded in recent years and now has a second location on James Island that I have not visited, but their original location is downtown Charleston by Hampton Park. The outside of the building is a bright blue and the walls are covered with different paintings that match. There are a couple tables out front, but the best seating is around back in the garden. If you walk along the side of the building through some trees, you are brought to the back patio garden dining area with a handful of picnic tables and regular tables that match the blue color of the building.

There is also in inside where you can order, shop from their selection of beverages and march items, and sit as-well. There is limited seating inside with one long table for multiple parties to sit at and a couple bar style seats. The inside is less vibrantly colored as the outside, but still follows a very fun color scheme through decor and paintings. The kitchen and coffee bar has a beautiful blue and grey tile lining it, there are paintings covering parts of the walls, and plants cover the area.


At Huriyali, you order at the counter and then either sit and have your food brought to you or wait for you name to be called for take out. Despite a pretty hands off process with the employees, they are always very nice and ask about allergies, dietary restrictions, and make sure you are ordering the right thing for you. Since the space is so small there is sometimes a bit of a wait for your food, but it has never been crazy. If you are in a rush, I recommend ordering on their website and picking it up at their to-go counter.


💋All day burrito with chickpea and tempeh

💋 Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

💋Avo toast (I haven’t had it, but you know a good one when you see it)