Something I have noticed since moving to Nashville four years ago is that there is a lot of restaurant crossover with some of the other places I have lived. For example, The butcher and the Bee, Hall’s, and Husk all are based in Charleston and also have locations in Nashville. The 5th Street Group owns restaurants in Charleston, Charlotte, and Nashville which means at any given time, I am able to go to a restaurant that feels like home even when miles away. Charleston, Charlotte, and Nashville hit most of my favorite cities but New York restaurants have not made their way down south yet, at least not in any of the place I have lived. That is until now.

Two Hands is an Australian inspired all day cafe that I visited for the first time last fall when living in New York. My friend Annalie and I had a tradition of going to get our nails done and then getting brunch in the village before heading into our internships and Two Hands was one of our favorites. They have a location four locations across New York City, one in Austin, and while we were in New York the Nashville location was announced. I have been a handful of times since being back in Nashville this spring and it lives up to the New York one and adds a lot to the Nashville food scene.


As I have mentioned before, Aussies know how to makes some good food. The first thing I ever got at Two Hands was the brassicas salad. This contains charred broccolini, brussels sprouts, kale, hummus, a soft boiled egg, pickled shallots, chili, and seeds. A few years ago this salad would have sounded awful to me, but now these kind of ingredients are right up my alley. It not a traditional salad in the sense of its lettuce based, but rather the broccolini and brussels make up the base, but they are shredded and mixed with the kale. The hummus and all other toppings come together nicely to make a great flavor profile and when you add their house hot sauce it all comes together perfectly.

I have also ordered the smashed avo toast and it is perfectly seasoned and is a contendor for best avocado toast in Nashville. I prefer an avocado toast that is on a simple, fresh bread like sourdough and has tons of avocado that has your normal seasonings, and very minimal toppings. I don’t like it too fancy because then it’s moving away from avocado toast and into a weird territory I don’t like to venture into.

As you will see in photos below, I have gone with others who have gotten other items like the chicken bowl and two hands burger and I heard good things, but don’t think the chicken bowl was a huge hit. Every time I go, the sweet breakfast items look amazing and maybe I will be in the mood for that, but next on my list to try is the crispy brussels sprouts and crispy chilli fries. They both always look amazing and I need to try them soon.


The good thanks in New york was TINY. Like max ten tables and when you’ve got a nail appointment and an internship to get to the wait was just simply not an option, but their new Nashville location is so different. It is in a brand new space and has a huge dining room. Everything about the inside feels like a really nice restaurant. Every detail down to the tiling and dish ware is perfectly curated and elevates the experience. They have a blue, gold, and natural wood vibe carried throughout the entire restaurant. There are different art pieces and plants tastefully places throughout the restaurant as-well.


Contrary to the New York locations, I have never experienced a wait at the Nashville Two Hands. They take reservations and it has always been a breeze getting one at the time I want even day of a reservation. The waitstaff is extremely nice and attentive and always helps cater to any dietary needs.


💋Brassicas Salad

💋Smashed Avo Toast

💋Iced Matcha