Changing things up a bit and talking about coffee (and tea) instead of food this week. I am a big coffee shop girl. I’m not sure what it is, but something about going to a coffee shop and doing work makes me about 10 times more productive. I have always been this way, but last year when I became really close with my friend Caroline who is coffee obsessed I spent a ton of time in coffee shops so consider myself very well seasoned now.

Me and coffee have a love hate relationship. By that I mean I love a good iced vanilla latte with oat milk, but my stomach does not. Because of that, I rarely drink it anymore. I have found some coffee shops that don’t cause me stomach pain or anxiety and when I am feeling really tired, I hit up those spots, but for the most part I opt for a matcha or chai. This being said, this list will be my favorite places for all kinds of drinks, not just coffee. I will try my best to put my number one recommendation under each coffee shop, but sorry if I am a but indecisive and have to put two.

Barista Parlor – the music loving, coffee connoisseur’s dream

With locations all across Nashville, BP is a staple in the community. My favorite ones are Golden Sound in the gulch and the one in Germantown. I am by no means a coffee expert, but I think if you are, you will be thoroughly impressed with the quality of their brews. Each location matches the vibe of the others, but each one has a unique theme. I think of Barista Parlor as the cool person’s coffee shop in Nashville and even though aesthetic is such a big part of their shops, the drink quality never suffers.

💋Strawberry Oat milk Matcha Latte

good for working and meeting with friends $$$

Frothy Monkey – Basic, but for good reason

Frothy also has a handful of locations around Nashville, but I have actually only visited the one on 12 South. This is potentially one of the most well known coffee shops in Nashville and most visited. On the weekend, there are crazy wait times at the Frothy on 12 South because of all the tourists. If you are just going for a quick coffee and pastry you can walk right in and order at the counter, but they also have table service with indoor and outdoor options. If you are willing to wait or go on a weekday, I do have to say their food is actually really good and they even offer dinner. They branch out and offer uique specialty drinks that you can’t find anywhere else and always blow me away.

💋Iced Matcha with Oat Milk and Light Vanilla

💋Any specialty or seasonal drinks

table service or take-out, not great for working on weekends $$

The Loading Dock – The Hidden Gem

The Loading Dock has been open in the Wedgewood Houston area for years, but I didn’t visit it for the first time till 2021. I popped in for an iced latte to-go while at an event next door and was shocked how delicious this random coffee shop was. They have a big covered outdoor seating area, the main seating area with couches, mismatched table, and lots of local art available for purchase, and a massive downstairs seating area. It is in a building that hosts lots of different small businesses that branch off the downstairs seating area, but you can always find a seat here. I would say that the majority of people here are working and that is usually why I go. Their drinks are great, but a big selling point for me is that they have good food that allows you to stay for hours adn get work done without getting hungry. My favorite is the vegetarian sandwich, the Chelsea with a bag of chips, but their turkey bacon avocado sandwich looks killer. Make sure to check out their daily food specials.


💋Miel Latte

The Well – Ole Reliable

I’ve been going to the well for years and it always remains consistently good. Their lattes are amazing, their teas are incredibly tasty, and each location has such cozy vibes. Their newest location on music row is very spacious and has become my favorite, but the one by Lipscomb is a close second. I have never ordered their food, but they offer a wide variety of things and it all looks amazing. The thing that really sets The Well apart is that they use their profits to build wells across the world for those who don’t have access to clean water.


good for working and meeting with friends $

Dose – For when you need to work for hours and hours

Dose is in the lovely sylvan park neighborhood and has a killer iced vanilla latte with oat milk. They have all the coffee and tea items you could ever dream of. The matcha is good, but not my favorite ever. Dose is another coffee shop that also serves great food. They have a full menu of breakfast and lunch food that is quite delicious. I had one of their cookies and a breakfast bagel last time and unsuspecting for a coffee shop.

💋Iced vanilla late with oat milk

💋Veggie Bagel Sandwich

good for working or grabbing a bite and cup of coffee with friends, limited parking in lot $$

Sump – Looks like they could kill you, is a cupcake

I went to Sump for the first time this spring and was sad I didn’t go earlier. It is in the One City area which normally is a good sign. The vibe is modern and edgy in a way that has skulls on the wall, but don’t let that scare you! The employees are incredibly nice and kinda silly so it takes the edge off the decor. Mainly joking. It’s not really scary at all, it’s just a darker aesthetic. In my search for best matcha in Nashville, Sump came highly recommended and it definitely didn’t let me down.

💋Iced Matcha with Oat Milk and Vanilla

good for working, free parking in garage $$

Portland Brew – A classic where you are guaranteed to run into someone you know

A true classic for Belmont Students is Portland Brew. I think this may be the coffee shop I visited the most in college, but honestly haven’t gone much recently and kind of miss it. As the nickname says, you are guaranteed to see someone you know while there. Whether it be some random person from class or your arch nemesis, someone will be there without a doubt. I used to always get an iced latte or drip coffee, but now that coffee upsets my stomach, I stick to an iced chai with oat milk. Pro tip ask for it extra spicy if you like the chai flavor.

💋Iced Chai with Oat Milk

good for working, lots of free parking in lot, behind, or on street $