Taking things to the east coast and to my hometown, Charleston, South Carolina! Basic Kitchen is without a doubt my favorite restaurant at home and I visit every single time I’m home even if its only for a couple days. 

I had heard about basic kitchen a few times in high school, but never went until I was in college. I was immediately obsessed and aside from how amazing their food is, it is in the building that Andolini’s used to be in which was a staple when my dad would take me and my sister downtown! Automatically, BK has good vibes based on this alone.


Basic Kitchen is a health conscious restaurant thats focuses on seasonal and local produce to create the most unique and flavorful dishes. It caters to a-lot of different diets and allergies and even does a whole month of a vegan menu in January with new dishes each week. Carnivores don’t you worry though, there are lots of options like burgers, chicken, steak, and fish. 

My go to order and first thing I ever tried at Basic Kitchen is the Basic bowl. It’s an incredibly nourishing and tasty grain bowl topped with roasted sweet potato, broccoli, citrusy kale, curried chickpeas, and chimichurri. There is an option to add a protein and I’ve added tofu once, but honestly I think the bowl is delicious and filling (and pricy) enough on its own. 

Another go to when I’m feeling something a little lighter is the vegan caesar salad. This salad has kale, cabbage, perfectly crispy chickpeas, pine-nut and hemp parm, and a vegan soybean dressing. I can’t lie the first time I tried this, I thought the kale was too overpowering, but I have since learned to love kale and its one of my favorite items on their menu! My rule when ordering this salad is that you have to(!) order the sweet potato fries with it. These fries are insane on their own, but their homemade cashew ranch that is drizzled on top is a must and I always order an extra side of it.


Somehow basic kitchen was able to turn an old (R.I.P) pizza joint into the most beautiful and homey restaurants in Charleston. The first time I went to Basic Kitchen, I felt like I was both in a New York City cafe and by the beach all at once. The furniture and bar creates a very warm vibe with all the wood and orange hues, but there are pops of color through out the place using neon lights, wall paintings, prints, banners, and even a surfboard. This eclectic decor style is my favorite and I would replicate it in my house if I could. There is a mix of booth, table, and bar, but my personal favorite spot is in the front corner by the window. The booths are lined with pillows and it creates such a cozy area.


I am convinced everyone who works at Basic Kitchen is the coolest. Everyone there is always super nice and definitely match the restaurant’s vibe as well. Contrary to many Charleston restaurants, Basic Kitchen is definitely a place you want a reservation for. It isn’t too hard to get a reservation if you plan a couple days in advance. If you don’t have a reservation, you can definitely expect up to a two hour wait during the weekend. This is fine if you go ahead of when you are hungry because it is right off of King Street, but trust me, the wait is just as long as they say so try and get a reservation. 


💋Basic Bowl

💋Vegan Ceasar

💋Sweet Potato Fries

💋Seasonal Kombucha

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