Just like everyone, I become açaí bowl obsessed in about 2017 when they started to become a thing. Even though they were pretty hard to find at first since they came out of nowhere, I found my favorite places in Charleston. I’ve realized that each person has their own taste in açaí bowls and each one is made differently. My sophomore year of college at Belmont, I worked at legendary smoothie shop, Franklin Juice, on 12 South that has since shut down (can be found at other locations still) so I became quite the expert of all things açaí bowls, smoothies, and juices during my year there. Franklin Juice’s products were all delicious and I ate them every shift, but as it goes I got tired of the food since I worked there and looked elsewhere for my smoothie bowl needs. 

I remember trying E+Rose for the first time in 2020 during freshman year and falling in love with their bowls, but I don’t think I went back again.for a whole year and that is when my full obsession started. I have since taken many friends to E+Rose and gotten them hooked as-well and have gone way too many times than I could ever keep up with. As a plant-based eater, this is definitely a staple because everything on the menu is plant-based and it is very fast plus has lots of grab and go options.


My go to order is the Pro Bowl with strawberries instead of bananas on top. This is my ideal açaí bowl and checks every box. My favorite kind of bowl is centered around a good base. The base has to have lots of açaí, blended till pretty smooth, and not artificially sweetened. My favorite toppings are a good homemade granola, strawberries, peanut butter, goji berries, and cinnamon. At E-rose, the pro-bowl is basically this to a tee. The base is blended açaí, blueberries, banana, peanut butter, and almond milk. Their base is my favorite one ever and I think its because of the texture the blueberries add plus the overall creaminess. On top is bananas (I sub for strawberries), peanut butter, gluten free granola, crushed almonds, cinnamon, and honey. Not to be dramatic, but this bowl is life changing and something I think everyone should try. 

When I am feeling something savory, my favorite thing from their grab and go fridge is the Katalina wrap. “Fluffy quinoa, house made pumpkin seed + cashew ‘Nashville Hot’ green sauce, marinated black beans and fresh pico de gallo” is all wrapped in a chili tortilla and served with a side of their amazing homemade salsa. It is always a struggle deciding what I am going to get at E+Rose because the bowl and wrap are both so amazing AND everything else they have always looks so appetizing. My favorite thing to do is to go with my sister who will always split food and get one of each so we can have half savory, half sweet! I definitely recommend doing this if you know someone willing or just doing it yourself if you’re feeling extra hungry one day.

As far as other menu items go, their coffee is delicious and I specifically love the what’s shakin made with their house made nut milk. They offer locally made vegan and gluten free pastries from Morsel, seasonal soups, grain and noodle bowls, salads, toasts, and other wraps. All of these items look amazing and I don’t think you can go wrong here. They also offer many health brand snacks like lesser evil and HU along with their fresh pressed juices and wellness shots.


E+Rose has six locations across the Nashville area. The original locations I went to and my favorite one is the WEHO location. It is on a corner and has huge glass windows that let lots of light into brighten the whole space. The space has a very simple but exciting look. There are lots of whites, blacks, golds, and natural colors found around the whole restaurant and many plants are scattered around. There isn’t a ton of seating, but it isn’t a problem unless you are there on the weekend and even then its not too tragic. I’ve only been to three of the other locations (ONEC1TY, Gulch, and Brentwood) and they all are incredibly aesthetically pleasing and I can’t wait to visit the other two since I’m sure they are just as great.


E+Rose is very casual where you order and pay at the register and then grab your food when your name is called. Everyone I have encountered that works there has been nothing, but nice and if there are ever any issues with an order they willingly fix it.


💋Katalina Wrap

💋Pro Bowl sub bananas for strawberries

💋What’s Shakin’ latte

Visit E+Rose at one of their six locations which can all be found here!