If you know me personally at all then you are probably wondering why it took me so long to mention Ladybird on here. Sure, it has only been two weeks since the launch of my blog, but if you know how much I love this restaurant you would expect it to be my first post.

LadyBird originally opened in the 12 South Neighborhood of Nashville in 2020 serving up Austin style tacos. They open bright and early every morning to serve their delicious breakfast tacos and stay open through 3 or 4 PM depending on the day to serve lunch as well. But don’t worry, breakfast is served all day! It wasn’t until Fall of 2021 that I visited Ladybird for the first time, but it truly was love at first bite and I’ve gone back too many times to count since.

It is within walking distance of Belmont and since I have always lived on or near campus, it can be a bit dangerous. Last school year I think I went once a week and there were some weeks where I went upwards of three times. I am obsessed. I have since cut back a little and sometimes make it a couple weeks without stopping in, but my love remains strong nonetheless. I still get my fix and make sure all of my friends are introduced to the magic of ladybird.


Ladybird’s menu is quite simple but covers all the bases. They have six breakfast tacos, seven lunch tacos, three salads, chips with all kinds of dips, cookies, and an extensive drink menu including Crema coffee (the best!). They offer a handful of vegetarian and vegan options, gluten free corn tortillas, and are very attentive to allergies. I have gone with friends of all dietary restrictions (shoutout daphne! She is allergic to just about anything you can think of) and they are able to cater to dietary restriction needs.

I can only speak from experience on the vegetarian tacos, but let me just say that they are amazing and even non-vegetarians have said they are their favorite. I used to get the #6 (R.I.P.) which had black beans, crispy shredded potatoes, and avocado slices. This was replaced with the #11 which is the same thing, just add pico and is now my go to order. I often have a conversation with friends about what makes their tacos so amazing and we always go in circles and end up listing every single ingredient including their homemade salsas that you can serve yourself at the condiment bar. If I really had to narrow it down though, I think the best thing about the tacos is the homemade tortillas. They are constantly being made so they are always very fresh and you can even see them being cooked at the front of the store


The interior of Ladybird is pretty simple with wood top tables that you seat yourself at after ordering at the front, but the decor was clearly well thought out. The outside is a slick black brick wall with the logo and catchphrase “a little TX in TN” painted. The walls are decorated with plants and there is a flip board above the condiment station that changes every so often to say something new so keep an eye out.


I have never had a bad service experience in my many trips. They always greet you with a smile, make sure you get the correct food, and if there is any mistake they always make it right. My food has probably never taken more than about ten minutes to come out even on the weekends when it is packed! The managers and owners are in the store often and they are always tweaking things to make sure customers have the best experience. 



💋try all the salsas at the condiment bar! The patron is my fav

💋pro tip – get a stack of tortillas to take home for your next taco night and you will never go back to store bought tortillas